Supporting Our Local Animal Rescue Organizations

It's About Giving Back ...

Here at Summer's Paw we are not just about finding quality products so we can “feed our pets healthy.”  Yes, that's important because we all LOVE our dog and/or cat and want them to lead healthy and happy lives.

But we are also about giving back to our local community animal rescues and SPCAs.  Local because these organizations are an integral part of our community.  Without them we wouldn't have people who would work tirelessly to find forever homes for local animals in need.  From working with the animals to make them more adoptable to helping guide adoptees as they bring home their new family member, they are our community of animal lovers.

And at Summer's Paw we do our part in helping these various animal organizations.  Our continuous food donations to the rescues' and SPCAs' pet food pantry help those, who for whatever financial difficulty they are facing and cannot afford to purchase pet food for their pet, provide much needed dog and/or cat food and treats.  This form of help prevents animals from being given up because the owner cannot afford to feed them.  Now there is food where there was once an empty bowl.  Our food donations also help provide the animals in these organization's care with quality premium food. It helps the health of these animals when they eat food that do not contain by-products, corn, wheat, soy, fillers or artificial flavors/coloring/ingredients.

We love the animal groups that we support and from the below links to their websites, you can see why they are AMAZING organizations!

  • Closter Animal Welfare Society (C.L.A.W.S.) - Closter, New Jersey.  A wonderful organization which rescues, fosters, and helps cats / dogs find forever homes and provides pet food assistance to owners to feed their pets in Bergen County, NJ.
  • Dutchess County SPCA – Dutchess County, New York.  An amazing organization which helps animals of all varieties find forever homes, provide low cost veterinary services to owners in need, and investigates / enforces animal cruelty laws in Dutchess County, NY.   
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