Save Time and Money with AutoShip

We all have busy schedules so let our subscription services take care of the ordering for you so you can have more personal time with your pup and save money while you're at it

Saving Your Payment Information

In order to use our subscription service with our products you are required to have a registered customer account with us and a payment method saved to your account.  You can have multiple payment methods saved.  Here is a list of acceptable payment methods:

  • Credit Cards: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Debit Cards
  • Online Payments: PayPal

Your payment info is stored securely at our payment service provider, Braintree, a PayPal service providing secure payments worldwide.  In addition our site is secure, uses the latest SSL encryption and is PCI compliant.

Saving your payment info during checkout allows you to:

  • save time not having to re-enter your credit/debit card or login to your PayPal account each time you place an order
  • create subscriptions for your favorite products in a time frame of your choosing so you no longer have to worry about running out of food, treats, or toys for your fur baby.
  • Make instant purchases quickly just by clicking the Instant Purchase button.

When you are entering a new payment method in the "Review & Payments" page click on the "Save for later use" checkbox to save your payment info.  It's required for subscription payments.  Its optional for One-off purchases (Non-subscription).

Add New Payment

Once saved your subscriptions will execute automatically according to the schedule you chose. It will be used in future orders during checkout or instant purchases.

Creating subscriptions

Click on the product that you want.  In the products detail page select how often you want your product delivered (see below).

Our subscription service creates repeat orders for you based on how often you want your products delivered.

You can create several different subscriptions all in one checkout process.  Subscriptions are created based upon how frequent you want your product.  Suppose, for example, if you place an order for

  • one bag of dog treats once per week
  • one bag of cat treats once per week
  • one bag of dog food once per month

the result would be two subscriptions created:

  • subscription #1: one bag of dog treat and one bag of cat treat per week
  • subscription #2: one bag of dog food per month

(b) the more frequent the subscription the better the discounted subscription price

In order to manage your subscriptions (add, edit, delete) you must login with your existing account or create an account with us.

(i) Click on My Account at the top. (j)

Click on My Subscriptions on the left sidebar menu. You will see all of your subscriptions. (k)

Click on the word Edit under Actions corresponding to the subscription that you want to edit. (l) Editing a subscription i. Changing the product quantity A. ii. iii. Editing the next payment date A. you can use this feature to put a temporary pause on your subscription for example if you are away on vaction iv. Editing the shipping address v. Editing the payment options A. update your credit card info B. change your payment method to credit card or PayPal vi. Cancelling a subscription (m) (n) (o) 8. Instant Purchase (a) The Instant Purchase button appears if you have established a stored payment method from a previous order with us, for example, provided credit card or paypal payment credentials. (b) Instant Purchase only allows you to instantly purchase one product at a time (plus shipping). (c) The Instant Purchase button allows you to quickly purchase a product without having to going through the checkout process. (d) Click on a product's detail page, product size (if required), quantity, and the Instant Purchase button. An order will immediately be created using the stored payment method on file and shipped to your billing address associated with your stored payment method. It's a quick purchase feature especially if you have limited time at the moment and you're on the go. 9. Rewards

Our new AutoShip feature allows you to schedule future deliveries of pet food, treats, or toys for your furbabies. Reduce the amount of your precious time shopping and placing orders for your pet. P

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