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An online version of the boutique “mom & pop” pet store, Summer's Paw was formed in 2013 as a vehicle to provide pet parents with the best selection of top quality pet food and treats so that our four-legged family member lives a long, happy and healthy life with us.

With numerous brands of pet food & treats out in the market, we simplify the selection process for you by carrying only premium brands; that is, brands that we feel comfortable feeding our own pets. Our careful selection of products include brands that have received positive reviews and top-notch ratings. We look for brands from companies that incorporate the best and the freshest, quality ingredients in their products. We also look for quality, unique food and treats to add variety and enjoyment to your pet's life.

Why Shop With Us?

Unlike big, box pet stores we are not a one stop shop for pet supplies. Because of this we are able to focus our attention on truly helping our customers. Our dedicated team is known for helping our customers find the right food for their pet by spending time answering questions and providing honest feedback, options and even samples. Providing the best customer service is our core value.  Providing the best customer service is our core value.

Combining top-notch customer service with quality pet food brands we are here to make it easier for you as pet parents to make informed decisions when it comes to feeding your pet a healthy diet.

It's About Giving Back ...

Here at Summer's Paw we are not just about finding quality products so we can “feed our pets healthy.”  Yes, that's important because we all LOVE our dog and/or cat and we want them to live long, happy and healthy lives with us.

But we are also about giving back to our local community animal rescues and SPCAs.  Local because these organizations are an integral part of our community.  Without them we wouldn't have people who would work tirelessly to find forever homes for local animals in need.  From rescuing and fostering animals to working with the animals to make them more adoptable and to helping guide adoptees as they bring home their new family member, they are our community of animal lovers.

And at Summer's Paw we do our part in helping these various animal organizations.  Our food donations to the rescues' and SPCAs' pet food pantry help those, who for whatever financial difficulty they are facing and cannot afford to purchase pet food for their pet, by providing them with much needed dog and/or cat food and treats.  This form of help prevents animals from being given up by owners who cannot afford to feed their pets.  Now there is food where there was once an empty bowl.  Our pet food donations also help provide the animals in these organization's care with quality premium food. It helps the health of these animals when they have access to quality foods that do not contain by-products, corn, wheat, soy, fillers or artificial flavors/coloring/ingredients.

We love the animal groups that we support. They are all AMAZING organizations!

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us during our normal business hours (Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm EST).

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