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She would take that fall, that fall that we never saw, but looking back that fall would start the tumble that would break our hearts.  And although we knew the answer, we would rethink what her life has meant to us.  Despite giving her the best of what we could, we would question what we could have done better.  She was our "Summer."

We, like most dog people, would do anything for our pups...anything that would make them happy...anything so that they could be with us "forever."  We see to it that they get to eat first and that they get first dibs on the couch and the bed.  They can slobber, get crumbs all over the house, track in dirt and that is all okay with us. You can question them about the mess and they can only give you that oblivious look that can only make you smile.  Because our pups have given us more than we could ever give them, we should do our best to keep them healthy and strong so that their lives can continue to circle around play and living in the moment.

We believe that a balance in good diet and exercise is what we can always improve on when it comes to our pups.  Thus, always looking to "feed our dog healthy," Summer's Paw was formed in 2013 as a vehicle to provide other pet parents with the best selection of top quality dog food and dog treats. We all know that there are numerous brands of dog food and dog treats out in the market, but we only select “premium” brands…simply brands that contain quality ingredients...brand that we would feed our own pups. Our selection does not contain brands with unhealthy ingredients such as meat or poultry by-products, artificial coloring/flavoring, artificial preservatives, corn, wheat or soy.  We’ve chosen to carry brands that have received positive reviews and top-notch ratings.  We look for brands from companies that incorporate the best and the freshest ingredients in their products. We also look for quality, unique food and treats to add variety and enjoyment to your pup's life. Thus, we are not a one stop shop for all things dog food and dog treats.

Through our careful selection of products and informational content we hope to make pet parents aware that there are differences in dog food and dog treats and that the choice that we make will make a difference in our pup’s life. We want to make it easier for pet parents to make informed decisions when it comes to feeding their pups because it is all about "feeding your dog healthy."

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us during our normal business hours (Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM EST).

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